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Augmented Analytics: Modern Data Analytics For Everyone

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

You've heard it 1,000 times, and you're about to hear it again. Understanding data is the key to growing your business. That's great and all, but as data continues to stockpile, how can you be sure you’re using all that data to the best of its ability? It's a daunting task no matter how experienced you are with data.

Augmented analytics is the future of finding actionable business insights in real-time. It'll empower your employees to focus on using data to drive business strategy, rather than spending hours gathering data and trying to make sense of it all.

So...What Is Augmented Analytics?

Traditional analytics requires going out of your way to hunt down insights in a never-ending river of data. Not only does it take time to gather the data you need, but then someone needs to analyze and package the data into a usable format that’s easy to understand. Moreover, because traditional analytics requires manual effort to do all this, there's a pretty good chance you're leaving key insights on the table given the amount of data that’s available.

That's where augmented analytics comes in. By leveraging computers and algorithms to do the heavy lifting, you'll get the insights you need when you need them, automatically. That leaves the business decisions to you, without the hassle.

How do computers and algorithms do that? Luckily for us, Tony Stark (Iron Man) and his good friend Jarvis have augmented analytics down. Tony is talented and smart, but without Jarvis (the Iron Man Suit AI) giving him important data readouts in real-time, he'd have a much harder time defending the world from Micky Rourke & his weird bird.

In his pursuit of saving the world, Tony doesn’t need to scramble through excel spreadsheets, dashboards or reports to understand where and when the bad dudes are going to attack. Jarvis provides Tony with the information he needs as he’s in pursuit of his goals leaving no time wasted and no chance for Micky Rourke.

But Jarvis doesn't make decisions for Tony in the heat of the battle. He provides him the most important metrics for the task at hand allowing Tony to make quality decisions on the fly.

Augmented analytics is no different. Augmented analytics aims to take the insights out of the data automatically and present those insights to you when you need them. Whether it’s investigating a downward trend in website traffic or defending New York from an alien onslaught, augmented analytics cuts through the noise to provide what's needed for your unique business situation.

Okay, not into Marvel movies? Try this analogy. Insights that matter to your business are the needle and the pile of available data is a haystack. As more data becomes available, the haystack grows & it takes extra effort to find the needle. Adding augmented analytics to your tool-belt is like having a metal detector to find the needle. Side note, we need to stop putting needles in haystacks, it's just reckless.

Augmented analytics is not just a business buzzword. It's the ideal combination of AI-powered data analytics with human-centric actionable data. Humans still make the strategic decisions, they just don't spend hours looking for data to support those decisions.

Want to learn more? Check out this post to take a deeper dive into the world of augmented analytics and how Nycer is helping everyone in a business, regardless of their data skills, become data wizards.

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