eCommerce moves fast and waits for nothing.

Changes to search rankings, product page layouts, competitive pricing, competitive product portfolios, competitive advertising strategies, Amazon advertising placements, Amazon advertising bids, product reviews, product inventory levels (I'll stop here, it's getting late) all can and will have substantial impacts on your daily revenue and overall business performance. 
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"Selling on Amazon is endlessly complex, with traps that even veterans fall into" James Thomson -

You need insights now.

How else would you know what's happening today that's impacting your bottom line?

How much did we well last week?

How has our new product been trending?

Did anything out of the normal happen yesterday?

How do our inventory levels look?

How has advertising performed for this category?

Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. Traditional analytics, or how we currently get insights like the ones above, is a messy and time sensitive process.
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Configuring, exporting, and downloading csv files from Seller Central alone takes up too much valuable time. Add on to this the time it takes to clean the data, transform into a way humans and read, piece the data together in a single report and then share it out and hope it meets everyone's needs... Get out of here...

This is where we come in. Think Google, but for your Amazon Business.

Say hello to your Nycer. Your teams newest member. We're using the cutting edge nerdy concept of augmented analytics to transform how insights are uncovered from data and who can get insights from data.

What do we mean? What will this sorcery do for you? Well imagine you have a burning question but can't set aside a couple hours to dive into the data (or can't bug someone else to do it). No problem. Nycer connects with your Seller Central account and gives you the ability to have answers in seconds, with nothing more than the question alone.

How much did we well last week?

Your Question
You sold this much.
Also, did you know these products have been trending upwards?

Are our poorly drawn clip art visuals not doing it for you? 

Same here (hopefully we will have the budget for a graphic designer soon). Which is why we're happy to provide the videos below with a snippet of live action from the app.

Want to learn more and see how we can help you? We'd love to chat!

Let's get down to the details:​ ​

  • This is a plug and play app, we have all the data needed, so once you're ready we can have your Nycer Personal Assistant live and ready to answer your call in minutes.

  • Want custom data included? Not a problem. We can hop on a call and map out exactly what you need.

  • We offer plans starting as low as $50 per user.


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