Your Data Means Nothing If It's Not Being Used.

Data has become big.

Annual Size of Worldwide Data

Source: IDC's Data Age 2025 study




So what?

The existing way of leveraging data in business is backwards. A select few gate-keepers are responsible for enterprise wide insights from data, creating a major bottleneck   (and not to mention a strain on those individuals valuable time).

The Business

Your Data

Where's my data?

Who do I ask about this?

Fine, I'll just go with my gut feeling!


What we're doing to help.

We're here to flip the script, literally. With natural language processing and machine learning, we apply augmented analytics to help business's put their people first. Rethinking how data is delivered and used.

The Business

What is going on here?

What's our top performer?

What happened last month?

Your Data




Think of Nycer as your personal assistant, there to serve you on all your data related questions.


  • In a meeting and need to answer a question? Nycer is there for you.

  • Doing some spontaneous collaboration with a co-worker and need empirical evidence? Nycer is there to make sure you got the answers you need when you need them. 

What does this do for you?

Check us out in action:

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A Sustainable Future is For Everyone and Will Require Everyone.

Because of this belief, Nycer partnered with The Carbon Offset Company to do our part in helping build a more sustainable future.



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